‚ÄčWelcome to the SuperLobby.com NFL Season Review. This report was compiled with publicly available data from nine of the leading Daily Fantasy Sports operators, and verified by the operators where possible.

It would appear that in the US at least, it seems we are bedding in for a 2 year(at least) programme of regulatory battles.

In the last week, we have seen DraftKings go live with a mobile product in the UK as well as them send the SuperLobby a cease and desist order! This has gone down like a lead balloon amongst the DFS community as well as with shock from the UK gaming community of which the SuperLobby is an established part. Our lawyers are currently looking into our position and we will shortly have their verdict.

So, please enjoy the latest set of figures and remember plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

We are happy for you to use any of the data in this report. Please ensure that you reference ‘leading Daily Fantasy Sports analytics provider SuperLobby.com’ as the source, and please include a hyperlink to the site.

David Copeland

2015/16 NFL Season - THE BIG NUMBERS