Welcome to the SuperLobby.com NFL DFS Lowdown. This report was compiled with publicly available data from nine of the leading Daily Fantasy Sports operators, and verified by the operators where possible.

The announcement on Friday night from NYC that Fanduel and DraftKings had lost round 1 of their battle with the AG seemed to have had an affect on this week's numbers.

We can perhaps put some of this down to the traditional drop in interest in fantasy games post Thanksgiving, but it is likely that the uncertainty until late Friday over whether or not New Yorkers could play may simply have put contestants off, at least for last week.

With the sign on the gates for next week being a strong “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”, it is with great interest that we await week 15’s numbers.

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David Copeland

SUNDAY December 13, 2015 - THE BIG NUMBERS

Fanduel posted their 14th profitable week of NFL in a row, albeit with a market size that looked to have dropped by over 11%. DraftKings also showed a significant loss of revenue compared to the previous week but seemed to have weathered this particular storm slightly better with entry fees down around 7.5%. Read on for all the stats and facts in this week’s SuperLobby lowdown.