Welcome to the SuperLobby.com NFL DFS Lowdown. This report was compiled with publicly available data from nine of the leading Daily Fantasy Sports operators, and verified by the operators where possible.

Week 16 of the NFL season was a slate full of surprises, at least on the field. The Panthers saw their unbeaten run come to an end and the poor old Patriots were outsmarted by their own smarts against a buoyant new York Jets.

Meanwhile, back in the world of DFS, plus ça change plus c'est la même chose…

However, for the first week this season DraftKings ascended to the #1 position on our NFL rankings.

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David Copeland

SUNDAY December 27, 2015 - THE BIG NUMBERS

So DraftKings sit top of the NFL tree for the penultimate week of the regular season. Read on to find out all the detail on this and all the other stats and facts from week 16 in DFS