Welcome to the SuperLobby.com Yearly DFS Lowdown. This report was compiled with publicly available data from nine of the leading Daily Fantasy Sports operators, and verified by the operators where possible.

Here at the SuperLobby we are about to celebrate the anniversary of our “go live” date in 2015. To celebrate, we have taken a dive into our database of facts and figures to bring you the 12 big numbers of 2015.

For a few moments we can take our minds off the legal battles, in-fighting between touts, horrific PR statements and simply sit back and ruminate over the sheer volume of dollars that have flowed through the DFS market.

Regardless of what happens from this point onwards, a lot of people can be extremely proud of the industry that they have helped to create and develop.

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Thanks - and enjoy!

David Copeland

12 big stats from DFS in 2015

I think we can safely describe 2015 as a tumultuous year for DFS. Despite this, the industry has shown impressive growth, and this is story that gets lost in amongst the more sensational stories. So, without further ado, read on to find out the 12 big numbers of 2015 DFS.

Unless otherwise stated all figures pertain to GPP contests only.